Husband: Joseph Marvin AKINS
Born: October 21, 1885 in: Union County, Georgia Died: April 4, 1971 in: Blairsville, Union County, Georgia Buried: Union County Cemetery, Blairsville, Union County, Georgia Father: Benjamin Calip AKINS Mother: Rosa 'Rosie' Lindy FIELDS
Wife: Mollie Mary COKER
Born: February 15, 1888 in: Union County, Georgia Died: October 11, 1967 in: Union County, Georgia Buried: Union County Cemetery, Blairsville, Union County, Georgia Father: Mother:
Married: October 27,1906 in: Blairsville, Union County, Georgia
William Randolph AKINS
Benjamin Edward AKINS
Erwin Bonnell AKINS
Frederick Mauney AKINS
Patrick Henry AKINS
Joseph Marvin AKINS, Jr.
Sarah Elizabeth AKINS
Mary Sue AKINS
Raymond Douglas AKINS
FAMILY NOTES: The following is a transcript of a letter written by J. Marvin Akins to Mollie Coker regarding plans to elope. This was the second attempt....guess they "got caught" the first time they tried. I have a copy of the original letter in my genealogy book. The last I heard, Uncle Joe Akins had the original letter in his possession. (Freddie Akins) Blairsville, Ga. Oct. 23, 1906 Miss Mollie Coker, dearest sweet child, I will 'right' you a few lines this sad and lonesome night. It is getting late and I won't 'right' much. I just came in from Blue Ridge this evening. I am going to get somebody to carry the mail for me after I go one more trip for a few days. And if you all have that corn shucking next Saturday if you can let me know and I will come and if I don't you be ready a Sunday morning sure. I am fixing for it now. I will get my papers in a day or two. I will be there between 6 and 9 o'clock sometime sure and if they is any body at Mister Jones you and 'Alis' walk out to the meeting house and I will get you there. Don't let nobody find this out but them you ask sure and just as soon as you get ready you come overthere and I will be there when you come. Mollie you ain't 'bin' off of my mind today. Now that is the truth. I could sit here and 'right' all night to you and not get tired but if one of us don't die we will be together this time next week and I hope we will both live a long life. Now I will be there rain or shine. Rain won't hinder me at all. I am so lonesome tonight. I wish we was at meeting tonight at bethel. Well I will 'haft' to make me a cigarette and smoke and then I will close and Mollie, God knows how bad I want to see you tonight but nobody else don't. Well Mollie I will close for this time. If you can answer this just as soon as you get it sure and if you don't I will be there on time so good night and pleasant dreams to you sweet child. So good-bye until Sunday from Marvin A. (Letter was postmarked Oct. 24, 1906)

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