Husband: Samuel HEISE
Born: March 12, 1859 in: Czerwonka, Kingdom of Poland, Russia Died: April 10, 1912 in: Podolszyce, Kingdom of Poland, Russia Buried: Father: Heinrick HEISE Mother: Karolina SZACHOWITZ Other Spouses: Luisa TAUBE, Emilia RISTAU
Born: October 3, 1867 in: Nowing, Kingdom of Poland, Russia Died: July 18, 1900 in: Novosadlo, Kingdom of Poland, Russia Buried: Father: Peter SCHATTSCHNEIDER, Jr. Mother: Marrie WITT
Married: 1890 in: Kingdom of Poland, Russia
Ferdinand HEISE

Little is known about Samuel.  He was a peasant of the lowest class, a day laborer who could not read or write.  On the marriage document between Samuel and Luisa Taube, it states that Samuel was, or had been, a soldier.  Since Samuel owed allegiance to the Czar of Russia, he was probably an enlisted man in the Czar's Service.  Samuel seems to have had a good measure of native intelligence, since he tried three times to improve his situation by marrying up (I hope you can detect the tongue in cheek here).  All three women that Samuel married came from the next class up, the landed peasant class.  Their fathers owned small farms and Samuel probably hoped that he would be able to improve his lot in life through these marriages. 

Elizabeth was born October 3, 1867 in Nowing, Kingdom of Poland, Russia, was christened October 12, 1867 at the Secymin Lutheran Church, and died July 18, 1900 in Nowosiadlo, Kingdom of Poland, Russia.

This information has been collected from numerous sources including many other researchers.  Not everything here has been verified and there may be errors.

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