Only Dead Relatives Here! - Privacy Issues

Although we live in this marvelous 'Age of Information' and in many ways benefit by it, there are some dangerous not-so-marvelous Age of Information byproducts that seriously compromise our right to privacy.  I'm aware there is considerable debate both for & against publishing (on the Internet or otherwise) personal information regarding living relatives yet consider this; how is your lineage enhanced by revealing details about your living relatives? An interesting and worthy published genealogy need not contain one byte of living relative's information but can be chock-full of intrigue, oral histories, anecdotes, Great Gramma's diary, political history, pictures, maps, infamous ancestors, the family's black sheep, etc. regarding ancestors that have passed on without losing it's informative or entertaining value.  Unfortunately, too many Internet genealogists overlook the critical issue of privacy and their living relatives' fundamental right to privacy.  Following are a few excellent sources concerning privacy issues so you may be aware of the dire potential of freely sharing personal information.  Once informed, you might decide to take whatever steps you deem necessary to jealously guard and perhaps prevent further loss to your right to privacy as well as your relatives' rights.  I have taken tne position that I will only post information on my web site of deceased ancestors.  So you will find only dead relatives here!

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